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I’m Jim Purcell, creator of Trucking Made Easy and trucker for over 20 years and almost 3 million miles.

I’m looking to establish long-term relationships with new affiliates. My goal is to get Trucking Made Easy out to those who need it while helping affiliates earn great income promoting our TME guides.

Let’s get started. We can all succeed together!

1. How we pay our affiliates

We pay 60% commission on all affiliate sales. Our current offer:

Trucking Made Easy: The Complete E-Series $47 (60% = $28.20 per sale for you the affiliate.)

Examples of how much you can earn:

For 10 sales of TME you get paid: $282.00

For 50 sales of TME you get paid: $1410.00

For 100 sales of TME you get paid: $2820.00

2. Joining the TME affiliate program.

You’ll need to create a free account with ClickBank (unless you already have one).

See information on this page to get started.

3. Who Pays Me?

ClickBank handles the sales processing and payment to affiliates. To join this affiliate program you will need to sign up with ClickBank (details above), but this is free to do.

4. When and How Do I Get Paid?

When you facilitate sales, your commission is directed into your account. Once you reach your payment threshold, your funds will be sent to you via your desired method. The default method is by check, however, you can adjust that.

5. How to Promote TME on Your Own Website

A great idea is to share your affiliate link on your website if you have one. If you don’t have a website, it’s very easy to set one up. You can easily get started with a simple website (which you could share TME products on) in very little time.

1: Domain name and hosting

To start a website you’ll need web hosting. After you think of a good name for your website, sign up to Bluehost and you’ll get your domain name FREE when you buy hosting with them. 

Bluehost offers very affordable web hosting – basically a server that holds all of your websites uploaded files.

2: Build your website

Add pages and content to your site. I suggest installing WordPress on your site, as it’s VERY easy to get started (this site is built with WordPress) and you can easily learn how to use it using their massive collection of help articles.

3: Add your affiliate links

Share your affiliate link in your articles naturally, as if you were just talking about a friend’s site or product. The best conversions are when the link isn’t an obvious product link. Just mention it as if you were talking about something related that’s useful – because it is!

If you use WordPress, here’s a good video on How to add Affiliate Links to your pages.

6. Other Ways to Promote TME

Clickbank offers a great resource page full of additional ideas to promote our product.

7. Banners and graphics

Please feel free to use any of the following ad banners to promote Trucking Made Easy.

Static Banner Sets for
Trucking Made Easy:
The Complete E-Series

Download any static image banner set in a zip file in all popular display sizes. These are images you can display anywhere on your web page, social media, or emails and send users to TME.

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Never Spam

Plain enough, right? That goes for any marketing you plan to do to promote TME. For more info on what constitutes spam, see this site.

Spread the word about TME to help other future truckers!

The most important thing is that you’re sharing this because you’ve checked out or evaluated the products yourself and believe they’ll help truckers or aspiring truckers.

The more people you share your link with, the more people you’ll HELP and the more money you’ll make. It’s a win win scenario!

Wishing You Success,

Jim Purcell

Contact Jim If You Have Any Questions