Attention - If you're interested in a career as a professional truck driver, this could be the most important five minutes you have ever spent....

Let Me Show You How to Get on the Right Road To Becoming a Trucker AND How To Enjoy Immediate Trucking Success... Without All the BS

Jim Purcell, Truck Driver
Founder of Trucker Country and Trucking Made Easy

Dear Future Trucker,

Trucking is an amazing career with the potential to make great money ($35-$60k your 1st year!), see the country, experience adventure, overcome challenges, and even be your own boss. Trucking can be all that…

IF you know just what you’re getting into, get the right training, AND you have an expert guide to show you the way!

I’m Jim Purcell. When I first got into trucking back in 1992, I did not know a thing about trucking. After seeing an employment ad in the newspaper from a trucking company offering to train even inexperienced drivers and help get them their CDL, I figured… Why not give it a shot? I needed a change of pace from the same old 9 to 5 routine, and trucking sure seemed to fit the bill.

I’d soon be on the road, thoroughly trained and prepared to make a lot of money and successfully living the trucking life. Right?

Boy, was I wrong. I had no idea of what I was getting into, or even a clue of how to get there. The training I received at this certain truck driving school (one sponsored by a very well known trucking company) left me poorly trained and unprepared to succeed in the big world of trucking.

I had to learn trucking the hard way…by trial and error. In fact, this took years. And now, over 2 million miles later, I can humbly say I can show you a lot about the world of trucking, how to become a successful driver, and how to get the most out of the trucking life.

And I can show you how to do the same, without the years-long learning curve.

It’s easy to get off on the wrong foot in the trucking industry, as many drivers can attest to. But you won’t have to if you follow the information in this complete trucking success package!

Trucking Made Easy: The Complete E-Series is designed to help you succeed at every level of trucking.

Trucking companies, truck driving schools, websites for or about truckers ... DON'T all have your best interests at heart. But TRUCKING MADE EASY will help you succeed. I guarantee it.
Jim Purcell
Your Guide to Trucking Success

Becoming a Trucker

The E-Series for Beginning Truckers

Becoming a Trucker will start your trucking education. This is a 3-book E-Series helping to guide you through the beginning stages of your trucking journey and was written with every future or beginning truck driver in mind.

Book 1:
Welcome to the World of Trucking

Discover all the great things about trucking and why it may be the career for you!

  • Job security. There’s currently a huge demand for new truck drivers.
  • A trucker’s income, and financial destiny, is in their own hands.
  • See the country, experience adventure, and face ongoing challenges.
  • Be your own boss – you experience freedoms and responsibilities not found in other jobs.
  • There are virtually unlimited opportunities and choices available!

Truckers have many driving options to choose from and decisions to make

There are different types of trucking as well as different ways to drive. We’ll be looking at a few of these including…

  • Do you want to go it alone or with a partner? A look at solo and team driving.
  • How far do you want to drive? Exploring the options of driving OTR (over-the-road), regionally, or locally.
  • Can you take your family and/or pets on the road with you?

How Will You Get Paid and How Much Can You Really Earn?

  • How much money will you make immediately following truck driving school?
  • Training with a driver-trainer until you’re ready to go it alone.
  • Analyzing pay based on level of experience, pay by the mile, pay by percentage, by the load, by the hour, etc.

There are many types of products to haul. We’ll look at the various types of trucking operations

All the following are discussed:

  • Van
  • Reefer (refrigerated – produce, meat, beer, etc.)
  • Flatbed and specialized trucking (heavy haul, oversize, etc.)
  • Tankers – liquid bulk (fuel, oil, dairy, etc.)
  • Dry bulk operations
  • Household moving
  • Multiple trailers (doubles, triples, etc.)
  • Livestock (chickens, cattle, etc.)
  • Intermodal (containers)
  • Automobile haulers
  • Wood and forestry products
  • And even more!

Additional  information for new drivers

  • A brief history of trucking.
  • Helpful trucking terminology and definitions.
  • CB Radio 10-Codes and terminology.

Helping you make the decision to become a trucker

  • Try not to get too comfortable. The conditions are always changing in trucking.
  • Looking at the many responsibilities of a trucker… the truck, the load, communicating with dispatchers and the company, the customers, the law, and everyone else out there on the road!
  • Trucking company policies which are sometimes…difficult.
  • The concern about getting home. Home and family time, the challenges it presents, and how to handle all of it.

Book 2:
The Insiders Guide to Getting Your CDL & Truck Driver Training

Getting Your CDL

  • What is a CDL and why do you need one?
  • Learn how to get a CDL, step-by-step.
  • CDL regulations and the requirements to become a trucker. Includes federal and state CDL requirements.
  • Information about CDL endorsements and which ones you need.
  • CDL testing information. Learn which state exams you must pass and exactly how to pass them without endless hours studying the state CDL manual!

Truck Driving Schools: Getting Trained

It’s vitally important to your success that you don’t get taken in by the wrong school. CDL mills and unqualified schools are everywhere these days. We’ll show you how to select the RIGHT school for your situation.

  • The truth about truck driving schools: Analyzing truck driving schools’ claims, including free and guaranteed training, tuition reimbursement, and more.
  • Free or paid training, guaranteed employment, CDL mills, tuition reimbursement, and how to choose depending on your circumstances.
  • Learn about the different types of schools: private, public, and in-house / company-sponsored truck driving schools.
  • Learn how to select a high-quality truck driving school: What are the essentials?
  • Is attending truck driving school mandatory? 
  • Information about truck driver training for veterans of the US Armed Forces.
  • How long will training take and how much money is required?
  • Truck Driving Schools Can Be Expensive! How Do I Get the Money?
  • How to find a high-quality school in your state.

Book 3:
Starting Your New Trucking Career

Truck Driver Options and Opportunities

  • Find the right job – one that’s perfect for your abilities, goals, and situation.
  • How to find jobs based on: distance/time away from home, potential money you can earn, type of trailer and cargo you want to haul.
  • Can you change from one type of trucking to another?
  • What to do if you want to relocate to a different area of the state or country?
  • Examining other factors which affect driver pay.

Your Driving Record and Job History

  • MVR, DAC, and PSP reports, the CSA Program, plus negative items truckers must avoid.
  • Making too frequent job changes (or job hopping).
  • About your work history, creating a professional resume, and more.

Resources to Help You Find the Right Truck Driving Job

  • How to evaluate trucking companies and job opportunities.
  • 18 Important features you should compare to narrow down your list of top trucking companies.
  • Ensuring you meet trucking company hiring requirements.
  • Making your final selection and applying to the trucking company or multiple companies.

Starting a New Truck Driving Job

  • On-the-job training for new drivers.
  • Information about driver orientations (what to expect, typical procedures, remember you’re interviewing them too, etc.).

Trucking Company Information and Procedures

  • Driver pay information: getting cash on the road.
  • How to get more miles and make more money!
  • Handling non-driving trucking duties efficiently to increase your bottom line.
  • Communicating with the company: texting, check calls, qualcomm, etc.
  • How trucking companies operate: department roles & responsibilities.
  • Other key company policies, traffic violations, accidents, dispatcher relations, etc.