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I'm Jim Purcell

I became a trucker in 1992 and have driven over 2 million miles. I started writing TME while driving long haul in 2002. What began as scribbled notes about what drivers could do to be more efficient on the road, turned into a series of books that cover virtually every aspect of truck driving, including mastering trucking as a job and way of life.

I’m also the creator of Trucker Country, a website of resources for future and current truck drivers. Go to the CDL Practice Test Center if you need some help getting your CDL or passing a CDL endorsement test. This is a FREE resource for all visitors!

When I first got into trucking, back in 1992, I didn’t know a thing about trucking. After seeing a newspaper ad from a trucking company offering to train even inexperienced drivers and help them get their CDL, I figured…

Why not give it a shot? I needed a change of pace from the same old 9 to 5 routine, and trucking sure seemed to fit that bill!

I’d soon be on the road, thoroughly trained and prepared to make a lot of money, and successfully living the trucking life. Right?

Boy, was I wrong. I had no idea of what I was getting into, or even a clue of how to get there. The training I received at that truck driving school (one sponsored by a very well-known trucking company) left me poorly trained and totally unprepared to have any chance of success in the big world of trucking.

I had to learn trucking the hard way. That is, I learned by trial and error. In fact, this took years

So now, after many years (and heartaches, headaches, and troubles) and well over 2 million miles later, I can humbly say I know a lot about the world of trucking, how to become a successful driver, and how to get the most out of the trucking life.

More importantly, I can show YOU how to do the same, without the years-long learning curve.

Trucking Made Easy: The Complete E-Series is a collection of guides designed to help you succeed at every level of trucking.

It’s easy to get off on the wrong foot in the trucking industry, as many drivers can attest to. But you won’t have to IF you follow the information in this trucking success package!

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